Our Story

From the heart of rural Sussex

Nestled in the countryside and surrounded by the sea, beaches, small villages, and nature, we live our lives enveloped in the folklore and traditions of the area.

With no street lights, the moon and stars shine bright here. Re connected with ourselves and with Mother Nature we find joy in the simple, the fresh and the unusual.

We use crystals as a way to help, to heal and to guide us. Each crystal holds it own vibration and set of healing properties and with a clear mind and deep breath we harness the power of these.

We are mindful of the beginning of a crystals journey and endeavour to trade ethically and consciously wherever possible. 

On arrival all crystals are cleansed in clean running water and saged. If whilst they are with us a full moon occurs they also enjoy a full moon bath.

From us to you

This is what we do.

This is where we live.

This is what we believe.

This is where your crystal starts it's journey, from us, to you.

Partners for Life

We often get asked, how do I choose?

We believe that crystals have a funny way of ending up where they are meant to be.

I have friends who will shop for a specific purpose.

I have friends who shop entirely on gut instinct, belief and feeling.

Either way, you will end up with the crystal you are meant to have.

Perfectly Imperfect

Not all crystals are perfect. Some have dints, rough bits and funny edges.

These are not imperfections, this is how they have been created.

Shop for you, shop for that feeling. If it feels right then it usually is.